The Glenview Conservancy is a volunteer civilian steering committee. The mission of the Conservancy is to make recommendations to the City of Glenview Government on how to preserve Glenview’s rural character, conservation, traffic controls, and entrance enhancements. The City is very appreciative of the efforts of these volunteers.

Edith Bingham
Nickname: Edie
Resident since 1972
Cynthia Bishop
Nickname: Cindy
Spouse: Joe
Resident since 1996
Robinson Brown
Nickname: Robbie
Spouse: Elizabeth
Resident since 2005
Eleanor Buhl
Spouse: Charles
Resident since 1985
David Fenley
Resident since 2006
Flo Gall
Spouse: Stanley
Resident since 1993
Virginia Holt
Nickname: Ginny
Spouse: Homer
Resident since 2001
Rhonda Keesee
Spouse: Patrick
Resident since 2000
Alberta Kelly
Nickname: Missy
Spouse: Clinton
Resident since 1951
Carol Kratz
Spouse: Martin
Resident since 1997
Jim Lehrer
Spouse: Marilyn
Resident since 2001
Robert Ogden
Nickname: Bob
Spouse: Helen
Resident since 1981
Deborah Reiss
Nickname: Debbie
Resident since 1997
JoAnn Shepard
Spouse: Robert
Resident since 1992
Winona Shiprek
Spouse: Joseph
Resident since 2006

Not Pictured

Dr. Donald Bennet
Spouse: Susan
Christy Lee Brown
Spouse: Owsley
Virginia Burbank
Spouse: Bill
Marvin Coan
Spouse: Patricia
Resident since 1987
Carol Hebel
Spouse: Charles
Resident since 1969
Lisa Holt
Spouse: Ben
Resident since 1999
Adele Leight
Spouse: Leonard
Leonard Leight
Spouse: Adele
Vivienne Steinbock
Spouse: Ted
Olivia Smith
Resident since 1930's
Jackie Taylor
Mary Wilson
Spouse: Sandy
Resident since 2001